Recycled Cotton Blanket – Tropicana Floresta


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Welcome to the world of perfect snugness. This gorgeous jungle print blanket, throw, or wall hanging is part of our Tropicana collection, an amalgamation of previous “Shangri La” and “Fatal Attraction” collections, focusing on the flora of Penang and the natural phenomena Aposematism, when creatures take on bright colours to indicate their toxicity.

The tropical palm print blanket is made from recycled cotton in North Carolina USA, and measures 183cm / 72in x 137cm / 54in. The tapestry technique allows for beautiful shades of colours and intricate patterns, and this beauty is as good hanging displayed on the wall as it is wrapped around you on the sofa. It is the perfect weight, softness and size.

The print features some of Aase’s favourite plants; the Lipstick Palm, Birds Nest Fern, Lobster Claw Plant, and Ginger Flower. It also features a poison dart frog and three beautiful beetles.

Washes easily in the machine at max 40 degrees, air drying recommended.

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