Space Odyssey Stardust -Recycled Cotton Jaquard Blanket


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Welcome to the world of perfect snugness. This gorgeous geometric print blanket, throw, or wall hanging is part of our Space Odyssey collection, created in late 2020/early 2021 as a meditation on space, including urban, natural, designed, physical, mental, personal and ‘outer’. In a time of chaos, a quest for beauty began, resulting in striking geometric forms heavily inspired by abstract expressionism and abstract composition, especially the queens of the artform; Lyubov Popova and Lee Krasner.

The design goes back to Aase Hopstock’s earliest creative adventures as a shoe designer; her first collection was inspired by Constructivism. Space Odyssey represents a new beginning for House of Hopstock both stylistically as well as product-wise, and going back to the beginning to reshape the future seems like a beautiful harmony in itself.

The geometric print blanket is made from recycled cotton in North Carolina USA, and measures 183cm / 72in x 137cm / 54in. The tapestry technique allows for beautiful shades of colours and intricate patterns, and this beauty is as good hanging displayed on the wall as it is wrapped around you on the sofa. It is the perfect weight, softness and size.

Washes easily in the machine at max 40 degrees, air drying recommended.

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