Organic Cotton Table Runner – Space Odyssey Tellus


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This gorgeous geometric print table runner is part of our Space Odyssey collection.

The print was created in late 2020/early 2021 as a meditation on space, including urban, natural, designed, physical, mental, personal and ‘outer’. In a time of chaos a quest for beauty began, resulting in striking geometric forms heavily inspired by abstract expressionism and abstract composition, especially the queens of the artform; Lyubov Popova and Lee Krasner.

The design goes back to Aase Hopstock’s earliest creative adventures as a shoe designer; her first collection was inspired by Constructivism. Space Odyssey represents a new beginning for House of Hopstock both stylistically as well as product-wise, and going back to the beginning to reshape the future seems like a beautiful harmony in itself.

It comes presented wrapped in a bundle with black ribbon and HOH tags with product and collection info.

It measures 160cm x 38cm / 63″ x 15″

It is made from 100% organic cotton 1/2 Panama fabric

It can be machine washed at up to 60 degrees, tumble dried (though might loose its lustre more quickly), and ironed on a hot steam setting.

Made in the UK.

Ships in 1-3 business days. See Shipping & Returns for more details.

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