Care Instructions

Fine Bone China

Our fine bone china is a bit more delicate than normal ceramics and stoneware, and therefore more vulnerable to chips and cracks, so you might need to handle it a little more gently than you more robust stoneware.


Normally, 24ct gold will not go in the microwave, but our ware is made using ‘microwave resistant gold’, which means that it will be absolutely safe to use in the microwave in most instances. We have to say though, that irregularities in the application of the gold, which is done by hand and cannot be guaranteed to have the same thickness every time applied, might affect the behaviour of the gold. If you notice any sparks coming from your item when placed in the microwave, stop the programme and do not place this item in the microwave again.


Gold and dishwashers normally aren’t the best of friends, and the gold will normally come off pretty quick if you wash it in the dishwasher. Our 24ct gold details are, however, what is called dishwasher ‘safe’. This means that the manufacturer has tested the gold for up to 500 dishwasher cycles without fault. How long your gold will be safe to wash in the dishwasher depends on frequency of washes, how hot the water is, what type of detergent you use, and where in the machine you place the item, as this will all have an impact and vary your results. We recommend only placing the items in the dishwasher sparingly, and to rinse/wash the items by hand if they are only lightly used. In the end it is of course up to you how you want to wash them and how careful you want to be in terms of preserving the gold.  If you do place the items in the dishwasher, be careful not to load the dishwasher too tightly, so as to avoid chipping/scraping the items while they wash and load/unload. Also use a trusted detergent brand, run the cycle at max 65 degrees celcius, and place all cups and mugs on the top rack. If you hand wash our items, be a little gentle with them, and never use an abrasive sponge on them. If there are stubborn stains, be patient and let them soak first.


Silk Scarves

All our silk scarves are hand rolled at the hem, and are delicate products. We always recommend that you hand wash them – they are very quick to wash with a tiny bit of detergent/soap in the sink, and will dry overnight or in a matter of minutes in direct sunlight with a breeze.
(We recommend removing excess water by pre-drying them and patting them inside a dry towel, and to never ‘wring’ them dry). Should you insist on putting them in the washing machine, always use a cold wash (max 30 degrees celcius, preferably less) and on a wool/cold cycle with a reduced spin cycle. Washing them in the machine will increase the risk or dulling the colours and distorting the shape. Again, we can only recommend, the choice is up to you! NEVER tumble dry the scarves. Iron on a silk setting.


All our cushion covers can be washed on a cold/wool machine wash cycle, and can be ironed on a low-medium heat. We recommend ironing them on the plain cotton side, while still a bit damp. If you iron them dry, it can be useful to place a damp towel between the ironing board and velvet surface for added steam. Never tumble dry. Over time, there might be a slight dulling of colour due to repeated wash or even sun fade, however this should not be too dramatic.

The cushion inners can also be machine washed, and should be air dried.

Kitchen Textiles

All our kitchen textiles can be machine-washed at 40 degrees with a normal spin cycle, and ironed on a medium-high heat. We recommend ironing them from the reverse (non printed) side. Wash at a higher temperature and tumble try at your own risk, as this can increase the chances of colour loss or distortion. Repeated washing at a cooler temperature might still incur some colour loss over time, but to a moderate degree.

Makeup/Travel Bags

Our travel/makeup bags can be washed on a cold/wool machine wash cycle. We do not recommend ironing them, due to the waterproof synthetic lining. If they are heavily stained on the inside lining, we recommend washing them inside out. Never tumble dry. Over time, there might be a slight dulling of colour due to repeated wash, but nothing drastic.